Analytical Instruments Manufacturer Finds Powertrak Improves Sales Quoting Accuracy

Configure-Price-Quote Automates Sales Quoting Experience at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Selects Powertrak CPQ Software

Today, we have released a new configure-price-quote case study on Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' selection and successes of Powertrak CPQ.

In this case study, discover how and why Shimadzu Scientific Instruments needed automation tools to simplify and accelerate its processes for creating, managing, and configuring complex kits used in sales quotes. In addition, it covers the benefits received and what is on the horizon in the next phase of the project.

A few highlights:

  • Shimadzu needed to replace its cumbersome and inefficient sales quoting application.
  • They desired a sales quoting solution that demonstrated kit autonomy, kit-specific security, and validate how rules prevent quoting mistakes such as incompatible components.
    • Only two vendors met its standards for functionality, flexibility, scalability, licensing, and cost to implement and maintain.
  • With Powertrak Configure-Price-Quote, the company has full control of kit design, ensuring accurate pricing and product combinations; leading to a reduction in quoting errors and significantly less dependency on IT support.
  • Discover what the company will do in the next phase of the project.

Powertrak improves sales quoting by simplifying kit design

Powertrak not only gives us control to create kits and execute sales quotes more efficiently and accurately, but its robustness allows us to apply multiple quotes, that may include multiple product kits, to any given opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and forecast one or more quotes for pipeline management. -Karen Sasaki, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments