Recap: Convergence 2015 - CPQ In Demand!

Axonom Showcases 3D Product Configurator at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence

I have been attending Microsoft Convergence since 2008, and in that time, I have never witnessed the amount of interest in Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions like this year.

More than ever, large numbers of Microsoft customers, partners, and prospects stopped by our booth in search of a solution to automate its sales quoting and ordering processes. In fact, the majority of interest was toward visual product configurations than traditional CPQ. I believe the increase in this interest is a result of the following factors...

  • Attendance. Microsoft announced Convergence 2015's attendance was roughly 12,000. Although the numbers are marginally higher from 2014, there is no question that the attendance has grown year-over-year.
  • Industry. At this year's show, nearly 30% of prospects and customers were manufacturers - an ideal fit for quoting and ordering needs. From booth traffic alone, these numbers appeared to be accurate. We met a ton of manufacturers from furniture to restaurant equipment to specialty vehicles to irrigation equipment to conveyors - just to name a few.
  • Messaging. We have simplified our messaging. In year's past, we tried to cater to everyone's needs. The Powertrak CPQ platform consists of 8 different products but we only featured our 3D Product Configurator at this event - and it worked! See pictures of our 8' x 11' video wall in the image gallery.
  • Product. Powertrak CPQ is a fully-developed, robust, mature software solution. The visual, drag-and-drop configurator functionality is so unique, many people quickly grasped the powerful sales and marketing benefits, recognizing it's a one-of-a-kind in the Microsoft space, not duplicated by any other vendor at Convergence.



DYNAMIC FItness Interview at Convergence 2015Our customer, DYNAMIC Fitness and Strength, was selected by Microsoft to be featured in an on-camera interview. The objective of this interview is to showcasing great customer stories – talking about both the value of Microsoft Dynamics and the partner (Axonom). Diane at DYNAMIC did a wonderful job articulating the value of their 3D Powertrak Product Configurator and Microsoft Dynamics investment.

For more information read the DYNAMIC Fitness & Strength case study.



Axonom Exhibiting at Convergence 2015Convergence is more than a conference, it's a place to build and enhance relationships. Whether it's a first-time engagement, a long-time customer, or for internal team building, Convergence provides a wonderful setting for face-to-face interactions, deep conversations, and sound dialog.

It was a joy to see our eight internal employees, two consultants, and a host of customers all interacting about the latest Powertrak releases, in-depth talks about projects, in addition to light-hearted off-the-wall discussions.

I must admit, the best part of Convergence 2015 was the opportunity for internal team-building exercises. It was so much fun to hang out with staff members from other offices. We went out as a group to social events, dinners, meetings, and the OneRepublic concert. I really believe all of these activities helped unify our team!

Every year, it seems as though something 'memorable' happens in our booth. 2015 will be remembered for the exploding soda can. Not everyone made it out unharmed!



3D Racks Configurator Strength Equipment 3D Configurator Build make-to-order Products with Powertrak CPQ
2D Racks Configurator on Tablet Apparel Configurator Build make-to-order racks with Powertrak CPQ
Axonom and DYNAMIC Fitness at Convergence DYNAMIC Fitness Interview at Conv15 Mike Belongie interviewed at Convergence 2015
OneRepublic concert at Convergence 2015 On the floor at the OneRepublic concert