Common Customer Complaints Solved with CPQ Software

CPQ software solves common ordering issuesProviding quality customer service is incredibly important to the success of any business. Without a reputation for good service, many companies find it hard to retain and attract customers. In fact, 47% of customers say they would take their business to a competitor within one day of experiencing poor customer service, according to [24]7’s 2016 US Customer Engagement Index.

Solving common customer complaints is essential to ensuring that you’re providing the best service possible. And the good news is that there’s a tool that can aid you in your efforts: CPQ software.

CPQ software, or configure­, price­, quote software, is a tool that streamlines business operations, reducing customer pain points and helping sales reps do their jobs better.

Here are five common customer complaints that can be solved by CPQ software:

1. It takes far too long to get my quote.

CPQ software provides a centralized place to store and organize all product information and service offerings, which allows sales reps to quickly access the information they need and speed up the quoting process. *Note: CRM systems compliment CPQ software in this effort as well.

2. My quotes are incorrect.

Because all product data is stored in one place, sales reps have access to the most up-­to-­date product pricing information. In fact, research has shown that CPQ software can reduce the number of quote versions generated by 13%.

3. My sales rep doesn’t get back to me quickly.

With easy, quick access to product information and less time spent generating quotes, sales reps will have more time to connect with customers and get them the answers they’re looking

4. My sales rep doesn’t have enough product knowledge.

The product configurator component of CPQ software automatically provides sales reps with all possible customization options for a particular product. This eliminates the need for in­-depth knowledge on each and every product component, while also ensuring customers are getting exactly what they need.

5. My sales rep is trying to upsell me too much.

Because the product configurator shows all possible customization options, sales reps still have the ability to upsell a product without coming off as too pushy.

By eliminating some of the most common customer complaints, you can empower your sales team and keep your customers happy.

To learn more about how CPQ solutions can streamline your processes and keep your customers happy, contact Axonom today.