CRM Newsletter (Q3 2012) from Axonom

Recap: Axonom Quarterly eNewsletter – Q3 2012

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Axonom and Armanino Consulting Whitepaper

Q3 2012 Issue Review

  • Featured Article:  Free white paper – “Unified Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Solution for Semiconductor, High-Tech and Electronic Equipment Companies”
  • Events: Three important upcoming CRM events that every customer, prospect and partner should have on their calendar
  • Axonom Headlines:
    • Event Management Promotion Announcement – teaser
    • Powertrak Portal customer wins elite award for its Partner Channel Program
    • Editable Grids and Deep Sub Grids comparison
    • A couple CRM Tips and Troubleshoots
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Headlines:
    • Update on Activity Feeds, LinkedIn and Twitter in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Have you discovered Microsoft Dynamics CRM Channel on YouTube?
  • White Paper: “24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers”
  • Product Highlight: Building Valid Quotes, Orders and Proposals with Powertrak Product Configurator