Guided Selling Secrets to Leverage to Boost Your Performance

Shhh! 5 Sales Experts’ Guided Selling Secrets

Guided selling software is a powerful tool for your sales team. It empowers customers to customize the exact product they need. It clarifies pricing so customers are confident that your product fits their budget. And it helps your sales team boost their numbers by speeding up the ordering process.

Last month we discussed 10 ways to use guided selling and 3D product configuration software. This month we’re finding what sales experts’ best-kept secrets are about using guided selling and improving performance.


Guided Selling Helps Address Customer Needs

Jared Spool founder of User Interface EngineeringJared Spool | @jmspool

Jared Spool is the founder of User Interface Engineering.

In this interview, Jared says: “Guided selling maps to a bigger experience… Taking the time to understand your customer’s needs and creating content that speaks their language remains one of the best investments you can make, even in situations where enterprises sell hundreds of products. Create an opportunity to simplify how you talk about your products and address any customer needs, no matter how subtle or nuanced.”

Takeaway: Guided selling that includes robust content can help identify customer needs, offer a solution to fit those needs, and guide customers to the right purchase.


Guided Selling Builds Trust With Clients

Nancy Nardin, president and founder of Smart Selling ToolsNancy Nardin | @sellingtools

Nancy Nardin, president and founder of Smart Selling Tools, is a speaker and writer whose expertise focuses on using technology to drive revenue.

Nancy writes on her blog: “Withholding pricing can most definitely back-fire… your prospect will likely go elsewhere. You can and should make it easy for your prospect to learn your pricing with a self-service model. You will build trust and surface qualified buyers at the same time.”

Takeaway: Guided selling allows your company to offer transparent pricing, which builds customer trust.


Guided Selling Empowers Your Team To Help Their Customers

Hank Barnes - GartnerHank Barnes | @Barnes_Hank

Hank Barnes is a research vice president at Gartner.

Hank writes in a LinkedIn article: “The new role of sales is that of guide. You and your company need to be there to help them find the right path to address their questions and concerns. Do that and you will be a highly valued asset. Guide the customer through their buying journey, helping them find and assemble the right type of information to get buy-in, refute objections and make progress.”

Takeaway: Guided selling helps your sales team educate customers, answer questions and add value to throughout the buying cycle.


Guided Selling Proves Differentiators

Megan Totka, marketing director at ChamberofCommerce.comMegan Totka | @MeganTotka

Megan Totka is the marketing director of

Megan writes: “There is always something that makes your business stand apart from others. Focus and advocate for those differentiators – this is one of many ways to attract new business.”


Takeaway: Guided selling lets your sales team highlight differentiators from the competition.


Guided Selling Highlights Team Success

John Harrison, WebMD health servicesJohn Harrison | @johncharrison

John Harrison is in charge of “global client experience” for WebMD health services.

In a presentation, John says: “[Guided selling] automatically recommends the most relevant sales asset to sellers based on relevance [and] tracks usage and engagement so managers can measure progress.”


Takeaway: Guided selling allows you to better view sales team performance.

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