How CPQ Software Can Be a Sales Rep’s Bill Lumbergh - In a Good Way

Bill Lumbergh & CPQ SoftwareFor anyone who has watched the hysterically funny movie “Office Space,” the main antagonist Bill Lumbergh is the boss we absolutely love to hate.

He’s the ultimate micro-manager. Leering over your desk. Starting every sentence with an unwelcome, passive aggressive request and ending it with an “Mmmkay?” And he always wants you to go that extra mile to make corporate happy, although there’s no incentive for you to do so.

While most sales reps would never want to work with a guy like Lumbergh, there is a tool out there that actually embody all his of qualities, wait for it, in a positive way. That tool is CPQ software.

CPQ software is a tool that streamlines business operations, reduces customer pain points and helps sales reps do their jobs better by helping them quickly produce accurate quotes and move the sales process forward. So how in the world can we compare this helpful tool to a guy who does nothing particularly helpful for his employees? Let’s dive in.

1. The quintessential micro-manager.

Lumbergh is a big fan of pointless paperwork and tasks—and he prides himself on checking in with his employees to make sure they’ve gotten all the memos on how to do even the most inconsequential tasks right.

CPQ software is designed to help sales reps know exactly what to do for each quote they produce. By housing all product information and pricing in one place, CPQ software guides sales reps and their customers through the entire process to produce accurate quotes in real-time.

2. Passive aggressive tendencies.

Lumbergh’s passive aggressive nature makes it hard for his employees to say no when he asks them to work longer hours and give up their weekend freedoms.

With so much information and the power to guide the quoting process, CPQ software is able to make unprompted suggestions for product add-ons. This allows sales reps to gently make accessory or configuration suggestions without being pushy.

3. Love of TPS Reports.

Lumbergh, along with all the other bosses, is greatly concerned with the accurate execution of the company’s TPS reports.

CPQ software provides sales reps with the most up to date product information, allowing sales reps quickly and accurately generate quotes. In addition, CPQ automation gives managers real-time access to sales orders, analytics, and other reports with a click of the mouse.

4. Flashy fashion sense.

Two-tone collared shirts, loud ties, suspenders and large-framed glasses make Lumbergh quite a sight to behold—one that you can’t easily look away from. Especially when he steps out of his Porsche with a vanity license plate.

The 2D and 3D product configurator features within CPQ software support near-realistic virtual images and pictures, adding significant value to the ordering process for customers that sell configurable, make-to-order products.

By the end of the film it’s clear that Lumbergh is a terribly ineffective boss, whose personality and general demeanor does nothing to motivate his employees. But when it comes to CPQ software, Lumbergh’s annoying qualities translate into benefits that allow sales reps to do their jobs better—which is great for them, their customers and the company’s bottom line.

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