Manufacturers Using Powertrak 2D Product Configurator

Manufacturers place 2D visual, drag-and-drop configurators on their website

Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions, AtlasIED,, and Middle Atlantic are providing buyers a way to customize, quote, and order product(s) on their web site.

Rather than deploying a standard product configurator, these manufacturers selected Powertrak 2D Product Configurator to not only provide a convenient way for consumers to order customized products, but to use interactive visualization as an effective marketing tool as well.

  • Sales reps, distributors, and partners can clearly communicate and articulate the competitive differences of the product, while the customer quickly grasps how the finished product looks and works.
  • Two-dimensional drawings with interactive drag-and-drop technology deliver a better buying and selling experience.
  • Consumers are able to monitor real-time product changes based on each configuration selection. They can see how certain color or accessory selections affect the appearance of the product.
  • Pricing automation appears in the shopping cart. The consumer quickly understands when an added item meets or exceeds the budget.
  • Manufacturers can incentivize partners and distributors on performance through margin calculations.
  • Powertrak 2D Product Configurator helps both novice and expert consumers build make-to-order products quickly, accurately, and on their own time. For less experienced buyers, it guides them through the process. For advanced buyers, there are self-service tools to build and create customized designs without guidance.

Let's take a look at three manufacturers displaying Powertrak 2D Product Configurator on their website for public use. I encourage you to visit AtlasIED,, and Middle Atlantic Products' website to see and experience their configurator powered by Powertrak.

Hickory Hardware

Hickory Hardware Visualizer ConfiguratorBelwith Keeler Décor Solutions is known for its decorative hardware designs. The company is an industry-leading brand in stylish and functional products for more than 125 years.

Belwith selected Powertrak 2D Product Configurator to provide consumers with a way to design its Hickory Hardware brand of kitchen cabinet, architectural, and furniture hardware from the comfort of their home.

Available on the Hickory Hardware website is an online visualizer to help DIY consumers customize doors, drawers, and cabinets with Hickory Hardware's pulls and knobs.

The cabinet hardware visualizer displays 2D visual product models, and features easy-to-use navigation and real-time pricing information.

At the conclusion of the configuration, the user will see product SKUs, pricing and nearest store location information. This information can be sent to the user via email as well.


Go To Hickory Hardware's Configurator


Middle Atlantic Products

Technical Furniture Lectern ConfiguratorMiddle Atlantic is a manufacturer of complete integrated systems that include racks and enclosures, monitoring consoles, technical and studio furniture, power distribution, thermal management, cable management and a full line of accessories.

The company provides its partners and customers with a visual and interactive solution to create full system designs by selecting and freely placing AV equipment in racks, enclosures, and technical furniture.

The 2D rack and furniture configurator is available for residential, commercial, broadcast, and security customers. Middle Atlantic has produced a number of YouTube videos for users to learn how to use the rack configurator.


Go To Middle Atlantic's Configurator

Mailboxes Configurator BuilderSalsbury Industries - is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential mailboxes, and custom signage.

Salsbury Industries provides its commercial customers with a 2D line-art style configurator to design and order 4C mailboxes for private delivery.

The 4C Mailbox Configurator visually showcases the optimal number of mailboxes and parcel lockers needed based on the user’s requirement. Learn more about the mailbox configurator project.


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Users can drag-and-drop units, doors, compartments, and customize engravings. They can also see elevations, rough opening dimensions, sample installation instructions, model numbers, and other useful information.

"We want our users to be able to produce shop drawings on their own. We used to have to create the shop drawings ourselves and then send them out to our customers. The process usually takes a day or two; and now our users can get the drawings in a few minutes. Powertrak 2D Configurator is the best tool out there." - Posted on G2 Crowd 


Rack and AV Configurator BuilderAtlasIED is a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial businesses. The company offers 2,000 specialized audio products for schools, universities, manufacturing plants, public transportation hubs, sports arenas, hospitals, etc.

AtlastIED leverages Powertrak 2D Product Configurator at trade shows and on its website for customers to visually and interactively configure racks with audio equipment that fits their exact business needs.

On AtlasIED’s website, the 2D rack configurator called RAPID System is available for everyone to access and use. Users can custom design a floor-standing rack, portal rack, and wall or ceiling mount by selecting and placing processors, amplifiers, power, cooling devices into the rack.

Confidently place the preferred products into any desired location on the rack. The configurator alerts when products are unsuitable near each other (such as two heated products without a cooling device in-between).



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