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Many Axonom customers say that visual quoting and ordering tools have boosted user adoption, improved engagement, and enhanced customer experience. Salsbury Industries - is in that camp. The company replaced its database-driven configurator for a visual product configurator to meet customer demand.

The manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential mailboxes offers customers an online experience to design and order commercial 4C mailboxes using a visual product configurator.

2D Visual Mailboxes Configurator

Online Visual Mailbox Configuration

Salsbury Industries - recognized the need to improve its product configuration system. The company began a search to replace its legacy configurator with one that demonstrated a robust rules engine. In addition, the platform had to support compelling visual renderings, enable drag-and-drop capabilities, and prove to be scalable and flexible.

4C Mailboxes designer configurator"A few years ago, guiding customers through a series of set questions on a public-facing website was industry practice for mailbox configurations," said Mark Eu. "Today's customer expects a better, more intuitive, visual ordering experience."

The mailboxes manufacturer found that Axonom had an offering that met its current and future needs, and the positive cultural fit between companies was also a factor in its decision-making process.

Another attractive component to Powertrak 2D Visual Product Configurator is that it's hosted on NetPRM. NetPRM is Axonom's SaaS environment. It is stand-alone and does not require integration into Salsbury's in-house software.

With Powertrak, Salsbury now offers customers a comprehensive, user-friendly mailbox configuration system. It gives users the necessary tools to design a 4C mailbox to their own specifications and ensures that configurations meet USPS guidelines.

Mailbox Configurator Features

The Salsbury 4C Mailbox Configurator enables users to:

  • Design a mailbox project with multiple walls or elevations
  • Customize door configurations within units
  • Customize door identification to meet your requirements
  • Vertically align wall installations
  • Clone a completed project into a new one saving time for multiple submissions
  • Check your pending or completed projects on your "My Saved Projects" page
  • Receive dimensional PDF, Word, Excel and AutoCAD drawing files for use in designing, quoting or ordering mailboxes
  • Easily add 4C mailboxes to your shopping cart

Design a 4C mailbox with Powertrak 2D ConfiguratorDesign 4C Mailboxes: The 4C Configurator guides users to select the optimal number of mailboxes and parcel lockers needed based on needs.  A summary with elevations, rough opening dimensions, sample installation instructions, model numbers, and other useful information is provided. Try it!

Quoting and Ordering Results

The company has experienced major improvements in user adoption and CPQ processes with Powertrak. "We now have a user-friendly and visually-driven design, quote, and checkout solution available on our website for anyone interested in custom designing particular mailboxes," said Mark Eu at Salsbury Industries -

"We used to create designs ourselves and then send them out to our customers. The process usually took a day or two. Now they can get the drawings in a few minutes. Since the launch of our visual 4C mailbox configurator, we have seen big increases in orders, and improvements in usability, engagement and most importantly customer satisfaction." - Mark Eu

How To Configure 4C Mailboxes

Design 4C Mailboxes with Powertrak CPQLocated on the website, click the 4C Configurator button to launch the mailbox configurator.

A set of introductory questions help define the number of compartments and type of mailbox to be configured. Unlike the database-driven configurator, a two-dimensional visual representation of the mailbox appears on the screen.

Once the new configurator is launched, select the type of mailbox or parcel door and drag-and-drop it into an appropriate location (determined by the rules engine) on the two-dimensional mailbox rendering.

From there, additional options are made available such as the type of finish, engravings, labels, and numbering sequence. When the configuration is complete, save the configuration, quote it, or complete the order at checkout.

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For more details on the Salsbury project, read the full press release: Powertrak 2D Visual CPQ To Power Online Design and Orders for Salsbury Industries -

For more information on Powertrak CPQ for visual sales quoting and ordering, please contact us via CHAT or click the following buttons to watch demos or contact us for more information.


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