Build Valid Quotes and Orders with Powertrak Sales Configurator

“Build It, Buy It” with Powertrak Product Configurator

Axonom’s Configure, Price, Quote software delivers a consistent user interface and familiar web-shopping experience that enables your staff, partners and customers to generate valid quotes, orders and proposals.

Quickly and accurately configure products and services, create sales quotes, proposals and contracts on any browser, on any device…desktop, laptop or tablet. Contact us if you would like to see a live Product Configurator demonstration.

The Power and Flexibility of Powertrak CPQ

Pricing Flexibility: Margin Markup / Discounts

Powertrak provides sales professionals with the flexibility to adjust margins and discounts on a case-by-case basis. Simply re-cost an estimate with one keystroke and it will calculate the price for each bill of resource line item based on margin, markup, or target price.


Product Configurator Margin Markup