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Built to handle complex multi-channel detailed revenue forecasting for sales, financial and manufacturing groups, Powertrak sales and product forecasting streamlines operations, eliminating the need for messy spreadsheet handling. When coupled with tailored versions Powertrak Product Configurator, or Design Win, this module contributes to a simple, yet powerful global solution.

Sales Forecast with 3D Charts and GraphsBuild sales forecasts quickly and instantly view updated versions as managers and partners complete their piece over the web. Start out with high level forecasts by period by division and drill down into detail all the way to the individual account, product SKU and discrete period when you can. Reports show real-time progress as opportunities are maintained.

Dimensional Data Grid functionality brings added flexibility. Already equipped with in-line editable grids, the module gains the ability to present data dynamically over two related dimensions and to allow users to edit that data in-line. Users can also flip the axes of the grid at will; with one click of a button, columns display as rows and rows display as columns. The result is a fast, responsive, and intuitive interface for forecast data entry.

Powertrak Sales Forecasting Software Helps You:

  • Create multiple forecast versions and motivate the sales division while keeping your financial plans conservative.
  • Bring partners and divisions in over the web with no spreadsheets to fill out.
  • Plan down to the individual account, product SKU and discrete territory level.
  • Quickly set up extended dimension fields to key in on geography, product types and other filters.

Dimensional Data Grid

Dimensional Data Grid from Powertrak Forecasting and Demand Planning Software

Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning Software Summary

  • Multi-Channel - Inside and outside sales teams can use Powertrak Forecasting from anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple Forecasting Capabilities for Sales, Finance & Production - With unlimited forecast versions, you can keep financial, sales, and production versions of the same revenue forecasts to manage and motivate.
  • Detail down to Account and Product - Drill through flexible territories down to the individual account and product SKU level by time period for key accounts.
  • Definable Dimensions & Calendar - Add visual cues such as cities, zip codes, product types and more to make the forecast as easy to work with as possible. Set up flexible periods in a simple web-based administration tool.
  • Web-based Handles any Channel - Secure filtering means that partners and inside staff can update their numbers from anywhere with little or no training.
  • Goal Tracking - Analyzes Microsoft Dynamics CRM Opportunities Management system to track progress.
  • Grid Functionality - Flip the axes of the grid (columns display as rows and rows display as columns) and edit data in-line.
  • Multi-Currency - Designed to support multiple currencies and EU triangulation, full currency handling for a truly global solution.

Powertrak Forecasting Product Details

  • Instant Visual Scorecard
    • How are your inside and outside sales channels doing compared to the sales forecast?
    • How about compared to your must-have financial forecast?
    • Does everyone in your sales organization know where they are before the weekly sales meeting? Powertrak provides the simple way to keep everyone on track and maximize motivation.
  • Multiple Channels
    • Territories can be set up for inside and outside sales with simple yet effective system security to avoid channel conflict.
    • Use the optional Powertrak Portal to provide outside channel access to the system and keep sales management time down.
  • Dimensional Data Grid
    • Present data dynamically over two related dimensions and edit that data in-line.
    • Users can also flip the axes of the grid at will; with one click of a button, columns display as rows and rows display as columns.
  • Streamline Your Forecasting
    • Web screens and simple drill-down functions keep training time down and avoid spreadsheet consolidation nightmares. Your sales channel will stay happy and keep you off the phone tracking down updates.
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides full Opportunity Management in a scalable, integrated CRM system. Powertrak is built in the same tools and shares the same data.
  • Flexible Period Calendar
    • Whether you have 13 4-week periods, work by the quarter or have seasonal fluctuations, you can set up your own calendars and forecasting periods for each business unit.
  • Definable Dimensions
    • Show columns for geography, customer names, periods, product information and more to keep the forecast "real" without coding or expensive system modifications.
  • Complete Reporting & Modification
    • In addition to the online real-time rollups and calculations built into the web interface, Powertrak uses Crystal Reports for reporting.
    • Use the Powertrak standard reports built within this industry-standard tool to keep tabs on where you are, and modify them quickly and easily to focus in on the key factors that you need to manage.
    • Powertrak is also modifiable through the optional Powertrak Application Builder, so you can interface to your ERP and other back-office systems.
  • A Complete CRM Solution
    • Add Powertrak modules for specific industries, or add the general modules to improve every customer-facing department, even for multi-channel distribution and house holding situations.
    • Powertrak, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions help you round out a complete one-stop solution.
  • Multiple Currency Support
    • Built to handle multiple currencies and Euro translation, the system can handle complex multi-national enterprises.
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