Powertrak Time and Billing software adds Gantt Charts, Auto-Scheduler, Personal Calendars, and Resource Finder capabilities to simplify and enhance project scheduling.

New Orleans, LA- March 19, 2013 Axonom, a leading provider of configure, price, quote and partner relationship management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, today unveiled new enhancement features to its cloud-based Powertrak Time and Billing and Product Configurator solutions at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference and exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana. Convergence serves as the premier meeting point for the entire Microsoft Dynamics business community.

Today, with an estimated crowd of 11,000 customers, partners, and prospects, Axonom unveiled new enhancement features to its cloud-based Time and Billing and Product Configurator software specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.

"In the Time and Billing release, we’ve delivered new capabilities to simplify and enhance project scheduling," said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. "We've aimed at providing project managers with sophisticated tools to help plan and schedule projects, give producers better insight into their workload, and simplifying the access to time reporting and performance."

Powertrak Time and Billing automates the time entry and billing management processes for high-tech, professional services, and IT organizations. This cloud-based solution enables customers to enter, manage, track, and organize billable and non-billable time and expenses, anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-accessible mobile device. Customers will see the following enhancement features in its March release...

Project Tasks
Tasks have been adjusted to better suit project planning and scheduling. Tasks now have predecessors assigned to indicate when one task must follow the completion of another. Resources can be assigned to tasks with an allocation level to represent their intended workload. Scheduling constraints are set to reflect external scheduling dependencies. Finally, users can estimate a task’s completion date independent of time entry or billing progress.

Resource Finder
Find the right resource for a task with Resource Finder and the new Availability Grid. Search for available resources by department, skill sets, and more. View workloads for resources in a color-coded calendar view that makes finding open blocks of time quick and easy.

Generate a schedule for a project with the auto-scheduler. The auto-scheduler calculates the phase and task’s start and end dates based on task dependencies, assigned resources and scheduling constraints. Time is automatically allocated for resources assigned to scheduled tasks, integrating the scheduler’s output with the Availability Grid and Personal Calendars.

Project Gantt Charts
Visualize a project's schedule in a web-based, browser-agnostic Gantt chart. Shaded phase and task bars indicate progress according to estimated completion, time billed versus estimate, and dollar amount billed versus budget. Phases can collapse in order to hide tasks while warning indicators alert when a task relies on an overbooked resource.

Personal Calendars
Two calendar views are included to help users manage their time. The month view gives users a picture of their scheduled tasks and time entries for each day over the selected month, with the ability to drill down into any particular week. The week view gives a seven-day overview of all of the projects that user belongs to. Each view gives users a summary of their expected availability, their scheduled workload, and their reported time.

The Powertrak CPQ is a sales quoting and ordering automation solution that generates valid quotes, orders and proposals from laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Customers will see the following enhancement features in its June release…

Gather Information, Drive to Product
Find out more about a customer’s needs through a guided question-and-answer session, recommend product choices or automatically configure an offering. Flows created with the Powertrak Visual Builder enable users to apply rules to all information gathered, factor it into the final quote, and archive the results for analysis or injection into a business process.

Expression Builder
Calculate prices, quantity limits, dimensions and more with the Powertrak Expression Builder. Create formulas for use in rules, user interface display or the resulting quote using a simple and easy-to-read expression language with the help of our new web-based expression editor. Access information about products and user responses in your kit, and take advantage of our library of built-in functions.

Adaptable User Interface
Switch between wizard-style or single-page views at will to complete a quote. Evaluate selections and receive feedback from the rules engine in real-time. Take control over styles, layouts and information display to fit to a specific audience and brand. The interface is based on web standards and HTML5, thus operates on tablets or on any major browser.

Microsoft Convergence attendees are encouraged to visit Axonom’s booth 1155 for a private demonstration and see firsthand how these new features help augment their Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment by automating revenue generating business processes.

About Axonom
Axonom is an independent software vendor that develops, designs, and markets Powertrak, the innovative B2B revenue management suite for high-tech and manufacturing industries. Powertrak helps companies successfully sell and service to its customers and partners in an environment that requires multi-level relationship tracking, web self-service, partner/dealer loyalty management tools, streamlined quote-to-order processing, time and billing management, hassle-free payment options, and a worldwide presence.

Enriched with mobile extendibility, the Powertrak High-Tech Industry solution suite includes: Customer and Partner Portals, Product Configurator, Design Win, Forecasting, Time and Billing, and Service Management. By delivering more transactions more efficiently through channels at a lower cost, Powertrak helps customers realize greater profit potential. For more information, please visit www.axonom.com.