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Powertrak software is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution suite, designed to maximize sales, streamline the quote-to-order process, and enhance relationships by delivering superior tools and communication to partners, distributors, and customers.

Powertrak helps businesses better support and service its customers and partners with quoting, ordering and configuration automation tools, multi-level relationship tracking, web self-service, support portals, dealer loyalty management, hassle-free payment options and a worldwide presence.

Many high-tech, manufacturing and service organizations leverage Powertrak to improve its sales effectiveness, streamline interactions, and grow strong relationships with customers and partners.

"We had spent months evaluating different CPQ vendors but found that Axonom clearly demonstrated the ease in which Powertrak is configurable and tightly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in addition to a very attractive pricing and delivery model." - G.R. Monsen, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Powertrak Benefits:

  • Powertrak is built on an open, table-driven platform with rich administrative tools that allows rapid configuration to meet unique requirements without requiring costly and complex custom coding.
  • Powertrak is a suite of products that share a common platform including CPQ and Portals - with a pure web-based client architecture. This simplifies the overall environment and eliminates the support and maintenance issues that occur when deploying multiple products from multiple vendors and larger client footprint.
  • Integrate into Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com, NetSuite, or use stand-alone.
  • Powertrak is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This ensures that customers will not risk voiding warranty of their CRM investment and Powertrak has been properly designed for upgradeability.
  • Axonom encourages customers to become self-sufficient by obtaining training on the platform and development toolset and not become solely dependent on us for every change or modification.
  • Axonom not only offers a superior product, but we work closely with the customer to maximize its investment.

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