2 Degrees Ventures Selects Powertrak MobileStrategic Partnership Company selects Powertrak's mobile survey solution for its field agents to conduct interviews with celebrities on behalf of Fortune 500 companies.

Discover how Powertrak helps agents capture interview information and then deliver analytics back to Fortune 500 companies.

2 Degrees Ventures leverages Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to securely store and connect strategic relationships, and collect and capture game-changing information via mobile devices

West Hollywood-based, 2 Degrees Ventures, is an organization that leverages unique relationships with industry-leaders and cultural influencers. The company helps brands create stories by deepening their involvement in popular culture by creating unmatched relationships with those who create it. Their clientele features some of the world’s most recognizable brands in the global consumer high-tech manufacturing, apparel, consumer lifestyle, and business to business.

"We’re a pivotal connection point between entertainment, consumer brands, advertising agencies, and creative talent,” said Doug Kanner, CFO at 2 Degrees Ventures. “It’s vital for our relationship-intensive business model to utilize a system that captures data, securely holds confidential contact information, segments relationships, assigns tasks, and delivers extensive analytics.”

2 Degrees Ventures sought a CRM solution to improve overall business performance and to enable their product experts to work more efficiently in the field with tools to enter customer feedback directly into mobile devices.

After thorough research, 2 Degrees Ventures selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Axonom’s Powertrak solution for its security, flexibility, and business process automation. Axonom initiated a quick-start implementation plan to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak Portal on its hosted environment called NetPRM. NetPRM is an affordable, subscription-based (SaaS) offering that eliminates the burden for end-users to install, maintain, and update CRM software and infrastructure.

“We saw Axonom as the ideal partner for this project,” added Kanner. “They brought to the table extensive expertise in tailoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM to fit our business, plus a suite of enhancement solutions to complete additional business requirements. On top of that, Axonom’s hosting environment sealed the deal.”

Read the Powertrak Mobile CRM Case Study
2 Degrees Ventures' ability to create lasting relationships provides a foundation for long-term ROI and brand equity.

2 Degrees Ventures turned to Axonom for a robust solution to deliver remote access to its clients to enter and update customer feedback, monitor inventory, and view product reports. They also required role-based security to protect the social influencer’s personal information from those not required to view it. Axonom tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM to fit the company’s business needs and added Powertrak Portal to simplify communication between its external high-tech manufacturing clients.

Next, Axonom deployed Powertrak Mobile Scripted Survey, the same rules-driven scripting technology used in Powertrak Contact Center, for the on-the-go product experts to enter meeting information into smartphones and mobile tablets. “Powertrak simplifies and streamlines the survey process by guiding our experts to ask pertinent interview questions based on the influencer’s responses,” said Kanner. The entered survey information is immediately pushed into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

As a result of their Powertrak investment, field agents can now follow a guided interview script and enter the social influencer's responses into their mobile devices. In addition, company executives and business clients have direct insight into real-time, trend-setting information.

“Not only does Powertrak give 2 Degrees Ventures mobile data capture and collecting functionality but also visibility and reporting capabilities to share market research, confidential financial and trend-setting information with clients,” said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. “Clients use that information, from demographics to product add-on preferences to colors, to make proactive product changes and focus promotions.”

White Paper
For businesses evaluating mobile CRM software or looking for ways to extend their current CRM systems to add more value are requested to download "Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM" white paper on Axonom’s website. It features the 2 Degrees’ story, titled “Insight from the stars” on page 12, plus industry statistics and other examples of companies using Mobile CRM to increase sales, shorten sales cycles, accelerate cash flow and increase productivity.

Download the 2 Degrees Ventures Case Study and see how Powertrak increases sales, shortens sales cycles, accelerates cash flow and productivity!

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