Application Builder

Powertrak Application Builder delivers the quickest way to build robust customer-interaction applications for the web at the lowest cost. More than just a toolkit, this module builds entire web applications with screens, business rules, lists, menus and process-driven workflow all in one powerful system. All web application functions are table-driven and built in an administrative console so non-programmers can maintain the pieces that change the most.

Powertrak Application Builder provides a robust and extendable development environment that goes far beyond typical CRM systems. Screen and interface tools support a completely modifiable schema, including the mixed use of Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM fields and tables in any Powertrak form.

Powertrak Application Builder Builds CRM ScreensIn fact, the Powertrak CRM and PRM add-on modules were built using these same tools and are completely modifiable as well. New features such as in-line editable grids, multi-language support, direct process execution, savable personal data views, field-level security within forms and more provide an enterprise-class solution that grows with you. Easily integrate and access anything in your ERP and other back-end systems. Build and integrate field service, product maintenance, supply-chain partnering systems and more.

Application Builder Demonstration

In this demonstration, watch how the Powertrak Application Builder creates filterable, editable, hierarchical grids in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Learn how to add and edit grid rows, and add "totaling to the grid."

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  • Unlimited Data Schema - Powertrak Application Builder builds the CRM applications that you need with no table, field, or object limits quickly and easily.
  • Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM objects in your screens - no more limits - build multi-column forms and use any Powertrak or Microsoft CRM field! Obeys all API rules and provides transparent system updates.
  • Enterprise-class Objects like In-line Editable Grids, Field-level Form Security and Multi-language Support included - Keep your screens focused and mouse clicks down to get secure data in front of your users in the best format.
  • Maintain One Code Base for On-line and Off-line Use - Build it once and optionally send it to off-line users without code re-writes.
  • Low Maintenance, Fast Delivery - Build entirely new applications. Use the Copy function to quick-start a new form and pull in external data with little or no coding to keep your costs down and maximize service.
  • Modify Powertrak Modules - All Powertrak Modules are built in Application Builder, so you can modify virtually any CRM application in the system.
  • Powertrak Workflow includes Active Interaction - Use triggered or timed closed-loop alerts, activities and data movement to make any process more efficient.
  • One-stop Web-based Applications - Instantly view data from any external ERP system to save time for users of any customer-centric application. Use Powertrak Workflow to drive complete data interaction.

Product Details

  • Extend Systems
    • Add unlimited tables and forms, even build entirely new web-based applications
    • Easily build and directly maintain multiple language screens with full double-byte support
    • Powertrak Application Builder functions run right inside your browser
    • Build complete customer-facing business applications with certified integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • From simple forms, to complex workflow-driven integrated systems, Powertrak provides a one-stop solution
    • Built on Microsoft Visual Studio .Net to take advantage of every leading-edge feature available in the Microsoft platforms to maximize your software investment
  • Build Focused Screens with unified field access
    • Powertrak provides everything that you need to know about a customer from any system in one place to minimize navigation and screen flashing. Add savable personalized queries and views to further ease data access.
    • Combine Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM data in one screen along with customers account balances, last five call notes, customer profile, and order history all in one place using one-to-many embedded lists and unified field handling
    • You define how many columns you need in entry forms, and then use rich objects like multi-select lists, drop-downs, multi-language values and more all inside one screen
    • Expose and run Powertrak workflow-driven actions directly from lists or other screens
    • Use all standard Windows data validation rules on field input or write your own
    • Turn on forms-based field security to control who can see and edit data within forms.
    • For both non-programmer and advanced application builders, the Powertrak Application Builder is the complete development system
  • Write Complete Applications
    • Is there some application that is really unique to your company? Have you been waiting for years for the right budget and the right developers to come along to build your dream system? Build it now with Powertrak Application Builder.
    • Train your staff or our trained partners to get you up and running fast with a fully supportable and upgradeable system, no matter what you build.
    • Use the Copy form function to kick-start your applications.
    • Maximize your staff productivity and improve your customer experience today.
  • Build Once-Deploy Anywhere
    • Lower your costs and improve feedback through the use of application replication within SQL server
    • Because Powertrak forms, schema, and views are all table driven, extensions and changes to Powertrak modules flow right out to field users automatically if you wish.
    • You don't need to learn and support proprietary applications to keep your system running.
    • Powertrak gives you a simple, efficient way to build applications and keep your systems running
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and .NET
    • Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide a safe path for scalability, integration, and business value based on Microsoft .NET and Web Services architecture.
    • Powertrak is built on the same foundation and shares the same data, while providing full extendibility outside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM schema and database.
  • Modify Powertrak Modules Too
    • Powertrak provides a robust list of pre-built modules to save you time and money.
    • Use Powertrak™ Application Builder to modify any Powertrak modules: there are no protected screens or hidden compiled features that you can't get at
    • The external modules are organized into industry specific product families to provide you with a modifiable, highly functional solution.
  • Consolidate and Share Information
    • Integrate to your back-office and extended systems, add low-cost portals.
    • Point SQL views at any database to provide an integrated complete view of all data and keep your costs down.
    • Powertrak provides the tools to tailor screens and add data items to get just the familiar feel that you need.
    • With the included Powertrak Workflow module, CRM can interact with external systems and help you to react to changes in real time.
  • Optional Advanced Functions
    • Powertrak works with Web Services and complex n-tier event-driven applications for all the horsepower you need.
    • With rich XML handling and web services you can link up with external systems to keep costs down and functionality up.
  • A Complete CRM Solution
    • Add Powertrak CPQ and Portal or build your own to keep your unique customer service culture.
    • Tap into the rich Powertrak product heritage of over 15 years of developing robust, award-winning solutions on Microsoft platforms.
    • You can have it all today with the safety and comfort of Microsoft technology to round out a complete one-stop solution.
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