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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 

Your Go-To Guide for WPC 2012
Posted by Michael Bauer 05/03/2012 Categories: Events / Conferences

Register for the All-Access event pass for admission to keynote addresses, regional presentations, track sessions, and more. And get an exclusive look at what’s new from Microsoft at the Solution Innovation Center.

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Editable Grid vs. Sub-Grids: Comparison | Axonom 

Comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sub-Grid to Powertrak’s Hierarchical, Editable Grid
Posted by Michael Bauer 05/01/2012 Categories: How Tos Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I was reading this fantastic post on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog that walks through a case showing sub-grid values that are not directly related to the opened entity. This blog post reveals that in the Update Rollup 7 release, sub-grids can show related entities that are multiple levels down in the relationship hierarchy.

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How To Achieve A Successful CRM Implementation 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementations by Axonom
Posted by Michael Bauer 04/30/2012 Categories: How Tos Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As a software organization with one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting staffs in the world, Axonom takes great pride in serving our customers. We are ONLY focused to implementing CRM related projects, this is our true expertise and one of the reasons why our staff is very successful.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook Client Fails to Configure 

Have you received an error when configuring Microsoft CRM 2011 Outlook Clients?
Posted by Michael Bauer 04/27/2012 Categories: How Tos Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After completing Microsoft CRM 2011’s setup to Claims Based Authentication and IFD you might see the following error when trying to configure CRM 2011 Outlook Clients. “Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials. Check your connection or contact your administrator for more help.”

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Editable Grids for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 

Save time and reduce clicks with Powertrak Editable Grids
Posted by Michael Bauer 04/20/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For those unfamiliar with editable grids in CRM systems, the concept is similar to Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel allows users to create rows, columns and manipulate data fields. Like Excel, editable grids in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a single screen tool that allows users to add, edit, and delete single or multiple CRM field entities in grid format.

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Deploying a CRM solution: “Custom Code” vs. “Buying a Product” 

How much cost do you associate with “Peace of Mind?”
Posted by Michael Bauer 04/18/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When it comes to investing in additional CRM functionality, “custom coded” CRM systems have hidden risks. Albeit very small, there is an open chance of a stalled upgrade, shut down from bad code, or even worse, high jacked by internal or external coders. Ok, the last example is a bit extreme but find that one disgruntled employee and there you go!

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Dashboard Reporting Control for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 

Add Charts, Lists, Web resources, and IFrames to a dashboard to provide high level analytical view of Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.
Posted by Michael Bauer 04/17/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dashboard reporting control is available in Dynamics Marketplace and is distributed for no charge by Microsoft. Using this managed solution, reports can easily be added to the dashboard. The only piece of information you need is the report id, which tells the dashboard which report to display.

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How to add a Navigation Link in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 form 

Posted by Michael Bauer 04/11/2012 Categories: How Tos Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The only way to add a navigation link in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is to edit the xml to add a node. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, in addition to messing with the xml, the form ui can be used to modify the navigation pane. But if you want to enable the PassParams option, you will still need to export the solution, manually edit the customizations.xml file, zip it up and reimport.

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Microsoft Convergence 2012 Review 

A recap of the event, receptions, keynotes, expo hall and attendees
Posted by Michael Bauer 03/28/2012 Categories: Events / Conferences Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Now that Convergence 2012 has come and gone, I want to take a minute to reflect on my experience at Microsoft’s annual conference for Dynamics’ evaluators, customers and partners. This post is solely my own review and in no way reflects the views of Axonom or its employees.

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MSI Systems Integrators Selects Powertrak Sales Forecasting 

Customer and Data Management System Helps Maintain Growth, Increases Revenue
Posted by Michael Bauer 02/28/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM White Paper or Case Study

MSI Systems Integrators lack of streamlined data and customer management capabilities, resulted in inefficiency, lost opportunities, and millions of dollars in lost revenues. To maintain its growth and capture more revenues, MSI teamed up with Axonom and KnowledgeDNA to create a solution using Microsoft technologies and software developed by the partners.

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Roland DGA Selects Powertrak Partner Portal 

Printer Manufacturer Gains Business Visibility, Streamlines Processes with Dealers
Posted by Michael Bauer 02/20/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Portal White Paper or Case Study

Roland DGA depends on dealers to sell its wide-format inkjet printers, vinyl cutters, 3-D scanning and milling equipment, and engravers. To support and develop working relationships with dealers, the company selected Powertrak Portal and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help support its dealers and provide better insight into sales, marketing, and service events.

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Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on iPads via Powertrak 

Create Quotes, Configure Orders, and Enter Time and Expenses on Tablets
Posted by Michael Bauer 01/11/2012 Categories: CPQ Software Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Configurator Sales Quoting

Sales and service professionals require access to update and send mission critical data anytime, anywhere. An iPad or Android tablet gives the mobile workforce a device to do their jobs better and faster. Add CRM and other business applications to the mix and they now have the tools to sell more, sell faster, increase revenues, market share, and profitability.

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Local Government Association Selects Microsoft CRM and Powertrak 

United Kingdom Local Authorities' Body Streamlines View of Customers and Improves Services
Posted by Michael Bauer 01/04/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM White Paper or Case Study

The Local Government Association (LGA) represents the local authorities of England and Wales, some 450 bodies in total. The organization selects business systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak, making it accessible to everyone in the organization.

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Buy Powertrak for Tablets and Get a Free iPad 

Axonom highlights its CRM Tablet promotion with a free iPad for every software license purchased
Posted by Michael Bauer 01/02/2012 Categories: CPQ Software Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Configurator

The Powertrak for Tablets promotion is available exclusively to new Axonom customers. To qualify, customers must purchase a minimum of 15 Powertrak for Tablets licenses by January 31st, 2012. For every Powertrak for Tablets licenses purchased, Axonom matches with a free iPad 2 (16GB).

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